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Image by Wai Siew
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Our goal is to supply our customers with organic, ocean-grown, premium-quality sea moss that they can be consumed daily.

Not only are we focused on the health benefits of our product, but we also take pride and focus on how the product taste. Our goal is to ensure palatability for adults and children alike.

Over the past two years, we have worked on perfecting our product recipe. We started with two flavors and received an overwhelming response. Now we are up to five flavors and testing the market for many more.

As individuals are different, sea moss has a different effect on everyone. Some people have expressed that sea moss has helped to regulate their digestive system and thyroid.

Others testify of lower blood pressure, fluid reduction, weight loss, and increased energy.


Male customers articulated that with regular usage, they have experienced an increase in stamina and sexual performance while women have experienced increased libido.


We want to assist our customers who have health issues and weight loss goals. Improving our customer’s quality of life is our mission.

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